The Right to Shop

This year Republicans were proud to introduce and pass “Right to Shop” legislation, carried by Delegate Kathy Byron (R). This gives patients more power to find the most affordable healthcare delivery option.

Healthcare pricing varies widely, yet very few consumers “shop” for the best prices, just as they would for car maintenance or groceries. This leads to higher health care costs, which in turn drive up premiums. The “Right to Shop” legislation treats healthcare like a “shoppable” good/service and encourages consumers to seek the most cost-effective care by providing incentives for savings.

Similar programs have been implemented in Florida, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. New Hampshire implemented an incentive framework for the state three years ago and, so far, 90 percent of enrollees has shopped with over 60% shopping every year and receiving incentive payments. The state has saved $12 million and paid out $1M in incentives.

Saving families money makes the “Right to Shop” legislation one of our 51 accomplishments by the 51 members of the Republican-led House of Delegates.