Prince William Dem Door Knocker Cusses Out Voter

Last weekend a Democrat canvasser in Prince William County had a rough time at a door, after getting challenged by a voter for knocking in a gated community. The canvasser lost his cool and dropped F-bombs on the front porch before stomping off.

This incident combined with the CASA In Action verbal attack/bullying of Yesli Vega at a PWC public event reveals the Democrat propensity for rude behavior when it suits them. They can’t blame it on Trump, either. Their behavior pre-dates President Trump. Democrats in Prince William County have berated, harassed, and bullied Republican women handing out sample ballots at the DMV on Caton Hill Road going back to 2012. The former chairman of the PWC Democratic Party referred to female Republican elected officials as whores in a sign he carried in public. The list goes on.

Bottom line: this is who they are, and this is what they do!

Check out the video on the HEAR Twitter page, @HEARPROJECTPWC.