LIFE IN BLUE VIRGINIA: Driver’s Privilege Cards for Non-Citizens

From Del. Guzman — “This year will be the year Virginia passes legislation that provides the ability for ALL Virginians to obtain a driver’s license. I want to thank the patron of the bill @KathyKLTran for joining @drivevaforward, @VACOLAO,@CASAforall in PWC. Let’s work to build a Virginia for all!

Delegate Guzman is referring to SB34, which will authorize the issuance of new driver privilege cards by the Department of Motor Vehicles to an applicant who (i) has reported income from Virginia sources on an individual tax return filed with the Commonwealth in the preceding 12 months; (ii) is not in violation of the insurance requirements for the registration of an uninsured motor vehicle; and (iii) provides an unexpired passport as proof of identity.
The bill provides that driver privilege cards shall confer the same privileges and shall be subject to the same provisions as driver’s licenses and permits; however, driver privilege cards shall not (a) confer voting privileges, (b) permit an individual to waive any part of the driver examination, or (c) have their issuance be contingent upon the applicant’s ability to produce proof of legal presence in the United States.