LIFE IN BLUE VIRGINIA – Summary of Major Bills and Major Changes Coming to the Commonwealth

Below is a short summary of the Democrat legislation moving forward in the General Assembly as we pass the half-way mark of this legislative session:
Democrats have approved legislation that will make a number of major changes to Virginia, including the following:
Taxes: increases taxes for tobacco products, admissions, meals, and lodgings — another bill would allow localities to enact taxes on plastic bags
Public Safety: House Bill 34 would make it harder to prosecute drunk drivers, while House Bill 33 would grant eligibility for parole to an estimated 280 violent offenders in Virginia
Firearms: The House passed eight bills, including House Bill 421 which would allow any locality to pass its own gun laws, and House Bill 961 which prohibits sale or purchase of certain firearms
Statues/Monuments: House Bill 1625 will empower localities to remove any war statues
Abortion: The House passed House Bill 980, which would eliminate legal restrictions on abortion including parental consent for minor children — ironically, House Bill 38 prohibits minors from using a tanning bed