Life in Blue Virginia: Dems push through their left-wing agenda with very little trouble

The 2020 legislative session has ended, and Democrats have passed numerous laws that will have a major impact on Virginians. Among them:
– Legalization of marijuana (possession of small amounts)

– Numerous laws passed that target lawful gun owners
– Violent high school students cannot be found guilty of disorderly conduct when conducted on school     grounds (including sexual battery, threatening school staff, and general threats against the school);   principals now have the option of not reporting misdemeanors conducted on school grounds.
– Raised the minimum wage, which will ultimately put people out of work (as has happened in Seattle     and  various cities in California)
– Repealed the photo ID requirement when voting
– Illegal aliens are now be eligible to receive driver’s licenses
– Repealed the “Right to Work” without being forced to join unions
– The Virginia Values Act, which allows massive fines/punitive damages to any form of discrimination in   the workplace no matter how big or small – now some of the highest penalties in the nation
– Numerous tax hikes