Virginia Dems Closer to Passing 25% Cut to Law Enforcement

Democrats are moving forward with a 25% cut to law enforcement that was proposed by Delegate Lee Carter and supported by all of the General Assembly members from Prince William County – Delegates Ayala, Guzman, Carroll-Foy, and Roem. This will be a 25% cut to the Virginia State Police and your local law enforcement. When Democrats tell you they don’t actually mean it when they say ‘defund the police’ point this out to them.

A budget cut of this size will drastically reduce state and local law enforcement’s ability to do their job: keep communities safe. This proposal is not only radical, it’s dangerous. And it’s one step closer to happening. House Republicans are fighting this, but they simply don’t have the votes.

They will continue to stand up for the brave men and women of law enforcement; they will continue to defend them, not defund them.