Dems Continue Their Far-Left Agenda

Thanks to Del. Rob Bell for this summary of bills passed by the Democrat-led General Assembly that have far-reaching impact on our Commonwealth. Prince William County representative whole-heartedly supported these bills.

When Democrats took the majority in the General Assembly in 2019, they vowed to make sweeping  changes to Virginia, and to the delight of their activists, they have certainly delivered. Just this year, they passed:

? Senate Bill 1261 – Packs the Court of Appeals by adding six new judges, all chosen by the Democratic majority.

? House Bill 1888 – Permanently adopts election measures like drop boxes for absentee ballots.

? House Bill 1965 – Adopts California’s low-emission vehicle emission standards and creates binding targets for electric vehicle sales.

These are in addition to last year, when the Democratic majority passed new laws to eliminate the photo requirement ID to vote, authorize plastic bag taxes and public employee unionsincrease electric billsremove abortion restrictions — along with 7 out of 8 of Governor Northam’s gun control proposals.

This is life in “Blue Virginia,” but you can change it this November!