Recreational Pot Legal on July 1st

DR. NORTHAM: SMOKING IS BAD BUT POT IS OKAY. Thanks to the Family Foundation for this update. Note that your PWC representatives voted FOR legalizing recreational marijuana.
This year’s Veto Session was disappointing, though not surprising. The Dr. Northam changed the bill to: 1) Legalize the simple possession (up to one ounce) of recreational marijuana beginning this July 1st (instead of 2024), 2) Allow every household to grow up to four marijuana plants beginning July 1st (with no apparent ability to police it or keep it away from children), and 3) Add provisions to undermine Virginia’s “right to work” laws specifically through the marijuana industry.
The Democrat-controlled House approved the changes to both bills (HB 2312 & SB 1406) on a party-line vote of 53-44, with 2 abstentions and one not voting, except for Del. Bulova (D-Fairfax) who voted with Republicans against the changes. The Democrat-controlled Senate voted 20-20 to approve the changes, which led to Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax voting to break the tie in favor of the Governor’s recommendations. Sen. Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax) joined all 19 Republicans in opposing the measure.
Since Washington, DC passed a similar law, it has been over-run with marijuana. Some people have been growing it by the pound. Virginia, too will soon be over-run with marijuana.
Expect traffic deaths from “driving while high” to increase significantly as it has in Colorado and other states that legalized recreational use.