The Truth About the Virginia Clean Economy Act

Thanks to the Suburban Virginia GOP for compiling the latest information about the VCEA. Some highlights:

VCEA requires building solar panel fields equal to:

  •  490 square miles 
  •  237,000 football fields
  •  20 times size of Manhattan
  • Other States have similar goals, but VA has enacted legislation Construction is underway.
  • Eliminates all fossil fuel generated electricity by 2045 – 80% of total current generation
  • Eliminates all oversight by the State Corporation Commission – first time in history SCC will not opine on “just and  reasonable” electricity rates  

1. Repeal VCEA entirely


2. Amend VCEA to require:

  •  No Clearcutting
  •  Restoration of oversight by SCC
  •  Limits on size and amount of solar and wind facilities
  •  Limits on increase in average residential electric bill
  •  Repeal of State tax credits for solar and wind facilities

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