Loudoun County School Superintendent Admits to Critical Race Theory Push in Loudoun County Schools

June 2, 2021

Delegate Todd Gilbert, House Minority Leader

Loudoun County Superintendent Accidentally Cops
To Critical Race Theory Push

— Do House Democrats Support It? —
In a failed attempt to quell the growing national backlash against the Loudon County School Board’s effort to politicize its curriculum, interim superintendent Scott A. Ziegler yesterday accidentally admitted that Loudon is, in fact, pushing critical race theory on its students. Ziegler noted that the same features that define critical race theory are also ways to accurately describe what is being taught in Loudon.

As the Washington Post reported,

Ziegler said he understands that some families are frustrated and bewildered by the fact that what he calls “culturally responsive instruction” shares certain key words with critical race theory. But he said the overlap is unavoidable.

“All of us in this work [of equity and diversity] are using this common vocabulary because it defines this work,” he said.

Ziegler’s inadvertent transparency further underscores the ongoing effort by liberals in Virginia to play politics with education. His remarks last night follow Virginia House Democrats earlier this year siding with their union benefactors and blocking schools from reopening, and as the Department of Education is reportedly considering restricting advanced placement opportunities in the name of “equity.”

Question for House Democrats: Do you support Loudon’s curriculum initiatives, which according to their superintendent, are indistinguishable from critical race theory?

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