Are You Ready to Get Rid of Your Gas Appliances?

Maybe Virginians will wake up when they get the order to rip out the gas furnace and buy a heat pump. Or when your old water heater dies, and you are told you cannot use gas or propane anymore but must go electric. “Who says so?” you will yell, and you will learn the foundation was laid by the Virginia General Assembly in 2020 and 2021. (“…net-zero emission by 2045 in all sectors, including the electric power, transportation, industrial, agricultural, building, and infrastructure…”)

One candidate for governor this year, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, is promising to accelerate the transformation schedules already on the books.

The CEA analysis also taps into Princeton University’s  Net Zero America data on what this planned energy transformation will do to the transmission and distribution grids, also a cost which will come your way as consumers. The total national investment works out to $12,000 per household. Specific Virginia predictions from Princeton are on page 5 of the CEA report about Virginia.

If you doubt
this will show up on your doorstep, remember that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was crushed by Virginia opponents, a fairly minor capital upgrade proposed for existing pipelines in existing rights of way to serve Hampton Roads was killed, and the battle over the Mountain Valley Pipeline rages on. This is a war on fossil fuels, every single one you use in your daily life.

The future cost of the electricity that may soon be mandatory for your home appliances and personal car? That’s another story.

This commentary originally appeared August 4, 2021 in the online Bacon’s Rebellion. Stephen D. Haner is Senior Fellow with the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. He may be reached at