How Virginia Spent It’s Share of the “American Rescue Plan”

The House of Delegates and Senate both passed a budget on August 9th that allocates $4.3 billion in federal funding from the American Rescue Plan. While the Governor still needs to add his signature, here’s a full breakdown of how the legislature plans to spend almost $3.2 billion, with the rest being reserved for future COVID-19 relief. The primary changes from the Governor’s proposed budget last week are an increase in one-time bonuses to sheriffs and regional jail officers, as well as additional funding for gun violence prevention programs.

The top three programs that will be funded are:

Virginia Employment Commission: $935.6M
Broadband: $487.5M
Combined Sewer Overflows and Waste Water: $305.7M

Rebuild Virginia (Small Business COVID-19 Grand Fund): $250M
K-12 Education: $2M

With our education system under strain from COVID, residents should be ashamed that only $2M was set aside for education.

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