Soros-Funded Commonwealth Attorneys Failing Virginians

In Virginia, it isn’t just “defund the police.” Over the last few years, George Soros spent millions successfully funding candidates for District Attorney (Commonwealth Attorney) throughout the country, electing men like George Gascón (here). In Virginia, more than $1 million helped elect Soros-backed candidates in Fairfax, Loudoun and Arlington, and now the negative is being felt. In Fairfax County, Judge Thomas P. Mann told a young victim “your government has failed you,” after Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano accepted a plea deal against the relative who had sexually abused her for five years – sometimes weekly. Mann called the deal “woefully inadequate.” (here). On Friday, Circuit Court Judge Randy I. Bellows rejected a plea deal negotiated by Descano’s office for a three-year penalty for a child rapist (here). Descano’s office blamed the low penalty on flaws in the investigation of the case.

– The Thomas Jefferson Institute