Feedback Sought from Residents on PWC Priorities NLT July 1

Important message from Supv. Yesli Vega:

Under Prince William County’s form of government, the County Executive (CXO) is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and given wide latitude and power over operations. Last year, former CXO, Chris Martino, retired after many years, and the County has been engaging in a recruitment effort ever since.
As part of that recruitment effort, they have hired a consulting firm, Polihire, which has put together this survey for residents to provide feedback on what the top priorities and issues are that you’d like to see the new CXO tackle. The survey will remain open until July 1st.
The survey provides an “Other” option for gender identity, but unfortunately does not provide an “Other” option for issues and priorities important to you aside from the preset list they provide. This is a common tactic recently of surveys done by your County government and those hired to create them.
The results are then used to show support for particular courses of action favored by elected officials and certain bureaucratic heads.
If your particular priority for the new CXO or issue of importance is not listed you may e-mail my office directly and we will forward along your response as a resident to be counted. Again, the deadline to participate in the survey or send your thoughts is July 1st.