Dems Trashing the Environment While Pushing “Green” Agenda

When one of the founders of Greenpeace is going on Fox News to talk about how the Left has sold their soul for “green energy” greed, you know the extreme wing of the Democrat Party has sold the environment down the river. Whether it’s the massive clear-cutting of Virginia’s forests to put up solar panels made by slave labor in China or the death of three whales within a week on Virginia beaches (read about the deaths HERE and ten in total on the East Coast so far this year) which may be attributed to offshore wind development, it’s time to stop pretending that solar and wind-generated electricity is saving the Earth.
The Democrats in the Virginia State Senate this past week continued to force government mandates where all Virginians will have to follow California’s car regulations (HERE) and purchase expensive electric vehicles (HERE). They also killed funding for research into the fastest-growing potential energy resource – small modular reactors. Led by Northern Virginia Democrats (HERE), the Finance and Appropriations Committee voted to remove any funding to advance nuclear energy production. As Delegate Israel O’Quinn stated, “The knee-jerk opposition to nuclear innovation is very short sighted and puts Virginia behind the curve on energy diversification.”
The bottom line: We’re paying more for solar and wind-generated electricity while hurting the environment, and the Left is unwilling to support alternative less expensive resources!
Thanks to the editors at SUVGOP for pulling together a concise understanding of current energy policies and their impact.