Citizen Input Requested – PWC Climate Goals for 2030


Dear Neighbor,

Prince William County government is seeking citizen input on their draft “Community Energy and Sustainability Master Plan.” This plan “is being developed to serve as a roadmap for meeting the county’s Climate Mitigation and Resiliency goals”.

If fully implemented, these recommendations are estimated to cost county taxpayers $1,618,700,000 (that’s $1.6 billion) to meet the plan’s goals by about 2030. For this reason, I strongly encourage you to let the county know your thoughts about their plan by providing your input. If you have any questions about specific proposals, you can contact the director of the Office of Sustainability, Giulia Manno, at

Below is a brief overview of the plan:

Goals of the plan

  1. Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions County-Wide by 2030
  2. Use 100% Renewable Electricity County-Wide by 2035
  3. Use 100% Renewable Electricity in County Government Operations by 2030
  4. Become Carbon Neutral for County Government Operations by 2050
  5. Prepare for Climate Change: Become a Climate Ready Region and make significant progress to be a Climate Resilient Region by 2030

County’s recommended actions

Including, but not limited to:

  • “Green zoning regulations to incentivize water- and energy efficient buildings, multifamily and mixed-use areas, and transit-oriented developments.”
  • “Incentivize the use of renewable energy in energy-intensive commercial buildings (e.g., through tax credits/reductions, expedited permitting, density or height bonuses, or a reduction in proffers).”
  • “Provide incentives or streamlining for developers who build to a more energy-efficient standard set by the County government or use all electric systems and equipment.”

View the Draft Plan by clicking here.

How to Provide Input

Virtual “town hall style” meeting
Hosted by the county’s Office of Sustainability
September 14th – 6:30 PM

Sign up for the Town Hall by clicking here.

Submit feedback online by clicking here.
Must submit by September 15th.

For Prince William,
Yesli Vega
(703) 792-4620