House Budget Passes With Major Cuts to Public Safety, Higher Taxes on Virginia Families

RICHMOND – Millions of dollars for school resource officers.  Security for threatened Jewish students on college campuses. Teacher retirement accounts. Gun violence prevention. None of these crucial items were kept in the budget on Thursday, as Democrats voted to raise taxes by $1.5 billion on hard working Virginia families.

Republicans objected to a number of changes to the budget, including a change of policy that will let hundreds of violent offenders out of jail early. 

“People who commit armed robbery with a firearm shouldn’t get a discount on their sentence,” Leader Gilbert said. “When this legislation passed initially, it was understood that it wouldn’t apply to violent criminals. Democrats have decided that it should.”

“I’m disappointed House Democrats voted against two public safety programs that previously earned bipartisan support: grants for school resource officers and Project Ceasefire,” said House Republican Caucus Chair Amanda Batten, R-James City County. “These are common sense policies, and it is unfortunate that Democrats refuse to work across the aisle to help Virginians.”

“For all the good things in the budget, I’m disappointed that Democrats chose to raise taxes on hard working families rather than follow the Republican practice of making life more affordable for them,” added House Republican Whip Michael Webert, R-Fauquier.

Source:  Virginia House GOP