The Democrats’ Backward Budget

The Democrats’ Backward Budget


“Through this whole process I have shown an absolute repeated willingness to consider many priorities of the General Assembly…On the other hand, the Senate refused to give the single largest economic deal in Virginia’s history any serious consideration.” – Governor Youngkin

This is THE BACKWARD BUDGET. It takes Virginia backward on tax relief, backward on energy taxes, backward on economic growth, and backward on public safety.

● Instead of moving forward with economic drivers like an arena project yielding $12 billion of activity to fund priorities, this budget instead hammers every Virginian with a $2 billion tax increase on digital services and $600 million in taxes on electricity bills.

● This far-left progressive wish list means higher taxes, higher energy costs, erodes our business environment, and makes harmful cuts to public safety.

● Since Governor Youngkin took office two years ago, he has worked with Republican State Legislators, focused on lowering the cost of living and reducing the tax burden on Virginia families, delivering $5 billion in bipartisan tax relief.

● Now, just 60 days into Democratic control of the General Assembly, and far-left progressives are now pushing a $2.0 billion tax increase on digital goods. THE BACKWARD BUDGET is a death knell to Virginia families and backtracks on the progress we’ve made to lower costs for Virginians.

● THE BACKWARD BUDGET erodes our business climate. It removes $160 million dollars of investment from the Virginia Business Ready Sites Fund, which aims to attract new businesses and major employers.

● The way the Senate handled the Monumental Opportunity Project damages Virginia’s business environment. It’s a clear signal that new job, investment, and business opportunities–even ones of historic magnitude–will not be evaluated on their merits but instead will be viewed through the lens of partisan parochial interests.

● By removing economic development investments and destroying potential business deals, Democrats are sending a clear message: we want to destroy Virginia’s business climate and economic growth trajectory.

● THE BACKWARD BUDGET mandates Virginia rejoin RGGI, which is nothing more than a tax on electricity bills.

● THE BACKWARD BUDGET makes harmful cuts to public safety too, eliminating funding to recruit law enforcement and cutting funding for school security, and allows for the early release of violent criminals.

● The Governor and Republican Members of the General Assembly worked for the last two years on Operation Bold Blue Line to recruit law enforcement officers back to the job. The BACKWARD BUDGET cuts $18 million in funding to recruit law enforcement officers.