EV Charging and Early Voting on Agenda for PWC Board of Supervisors

Thanks to Karl Greten for putting together this quick summary of upcoming topics at the PWC Board of Supervisors meetings:

The following topics are coming up at the next PWC Board of County Supervisors meeting on March 19, 2024. The agenda can be found here:
EV charging information. Item 4-G
Staff proposes user fees at $0.3/KWH, with a $2.00/hour, $25.00 maximum dwell-time fee for fully charged vehicles remaining at stations which otherwise might be used by vehicles needing the service.

This is where it starts for paying a fee for your electricity.

Early Voting Ordinance Item 10-A

Voter Access, Geographic balance, cost effective use of funds, giving voters consistency.

2023/2024 problems
low turnout for early voters
expensive staffing costs for early voting

Office              45 days
Proposed satellite sites length of time
Primary           1 week
General           2 weeks
Presidential     3 weeks

April 9th Public Hearing item
May 14th Public Hearing final ordinance for adoption