School Funding a Top Issue in School Board Chairman’s Race

If re-elected, Lateef said he would advocate for increased local spending in the division. Currently, the county and school system have a revenue-sharing agreement, under which the county provides 57.23% of its general revenues to the schools, excluding recordation tax revenue that is earmarked for transportation projects, leaving 42.77% of general revenue for county government.

“The share that the schools get is too low,” Lateef said. “I think it should be 61% or 62%. That will allow the schools to have money to catch up with the growth that’s been pushed on us moving forward.”

Satterwhite, who is wrapping up her second term on the board, said she is open to discussing changes to the agreement, possibly including having no fixed percentage.

“When I look at the surrounding counties, they’re putting forward a budget they need and they usually get it,” she said. “I feel like if we don’t have the revenue sharing agreement, we might be funding our schools better.”