House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert Statement on Second Amendment Lobby Day

January 20, 2020
Contact: J. Garren Shipley
(540) 333-0436

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“I want to thank the tens of thousands of Virginians who came out to make their voices heard at today’s Second Amendment Lobby Day. The crowd was exactly what it has been in years past — peaceful, respectful, and orderly — except much, much larger. More than 20,000 people gathered with no arrests and no injuries. They even picked up their own trash.

“Even when thrown a last-minute curveball by Governor Northam, Virginia’s Second Amendment community accepted it with grace and did what they always do — make their voices heard while complying with the law. Those who wanted to go into buildings or onto Capitol Square disarmed, while those who did not wish to do so stood outside the security perimeter. I also want to thank the hundreds of law enforcement personnel who spent a day out in the cold, working to ensure everyone’s safety.

“I hope Virginia Democrats take a lesson from today’s peaceful rally. The law-abiding gun owners in attendance today are the ones who would bear the brunt of their anti-gun proposals, which would have little to no impact on crime or criminals. Meanwhile, Democrats are working to release more criminals onto the streets before they complete their sentences. Keeping our communities safe requires us to focus on those who break the law, not those who scrupulously abide by it.”