Guzman Supports Moratorium on Gasoline Cars

By Brandon Jarvis
October 4, 2021
Virginia Scope

Two House Democrats running in tight reelection races expressed their support for a moratorium on fossil fuel use during a forum last week. Republicans are calling it irresponsible and disastrous.

“I support the Green New Deal because it is the only plan that calls for a complete moratorium on the burning of fossil fuels,” said Del. Elizabeth Guzman D-HD31 during the virtual forum to support the Green New Deal. “We need to stop burning oil and fracking for natural gas altogether.”

The Green New Deal is a set of policy proposals with the goal of bringing the world to net-zero emissions.

Guzman was first elected in 2017 by nine points and is one of the more progressive members of the House Democratic caucus. In 2019, her victory margin shrunk to five points. She is facing a challenge from Ben Baldwin this cycle.

Guzman did not respond to requests for comment for this article.