House Republicans Pass Legislation to Create Better Schools for Every Virginia Student

RICHMOND —  When voters went to the polls in 2021, they sent a loud and resounding message: parents expect better results from our public schools, and they want more input in what their children learn.

Republicans heard that message loud and clear, and today passed the final bills of their education plan for the session. Legislation includes putting more resources into schools to combat learning loss, raising standards, and ensuring that teachers have the authority to keep control of their classrooms.

“Unfortunately, some of our Democratic colleagues don’t see learning loss as the true emergency that it is. I sincerely hope that when our package of education legislation arrives in the Senate, they will recognize the dire need to get our students more help as soon as possible,” said Speaker Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah.

“These bills, in combination with others moved earlier in the session, underline our commitment to ensure Virginia’s students have access to a world-class education,” added Del. Glenn Davis, R-Virginia Beach, chairman of the House Education Committee. “With higher standards, more resources, and a commitment to innovation, our caucus has kept our promise to parents to give our students an educational foundation that will allow them to reach their full potential in life.”

Bills passed include the following:

  • House Bill 2269 earmarks specific unspent federal funds to invest in student instruction and combat learning loss.
  • House Bill 2495 raises education standards by establishing the Middle School Mathematics Innovation Zone and Program, a program that awards grants to school divisions on a competitive basis.