House Majority Leader Gilbert’s Statement on Election Results

Virginia House Republican Majority Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“I am honored and thankful to be re-elected by what appears to be a historic margin in a contested race in this district. This outcome is a testament to how hard I have worked to reflect my constituents’ values, to fix their problems, and to be available to hear their concerns. I commend my opponent on a hard-fought race.”

“The outcome across Virginia is far less encouraging. Liberal judicial gerrymandering and millions of dollars in outside spending from Democrat billionaires and special interests heavily influenced this off-year election. Make no mistake: radical liberals from out of our Commonwealth will soon demand a return on the tens of millions they invested to elect a far-left Democratic majority.

“Virginians should expect public policies that look a lot more like the train-wreck that is California than the Virginia of good fiscal management and common-sense conservative governance. Republican policies have kept Virginians safe, prosperous, and free for more than two decades. In the months ahead, Democrats will seek to make good on their extreme agenda. We will fight that agenda at every turn, but with unchecked control of both Houses and a governor still desperately seeking rehabilitation, we will have our work cut out for us. One thing is for certain, Democrats will completely own the results of the next two years.”