11 Bills Passed on Immigration in the House – No Action in the Senate

Note on immigration from Congressman Wittman (VA-01):
House Republicans are actively working to repair the failures of the Biden administration. I wanted to share some information on 11 bills that have passed the House with my support that would restore order to our southern border:
H.R. 2 – Secure the Border Act: This comprehensive legislation strengthens border security, addresses immigration loopholes, and combats human trafficking. It includes provisions such as restarting border wall construction, hiring additional Border Patrol agents, and streamlining the asylum process.
H.R. 2494 – POLICE Act: Targets individuals convicted of assaulting law enforcement officers or first responders, enhancing protections for those who serve on the front lines of border security.
H.R. 7511 – Laken Riley Act: Named in honor of Laken Riley, a young woman who was murdered by an illegal immigrant, this act requires the detention of illegal immigrants charged with certain offenses and allows states to sue the federal government for violating immigration laws.
H.R. 3941 – Schools Not Shelters Act: Prohibits the use of federal funds to house illegal immigrants in school facilities.
H.R. 5585 – Agent Raul Gonzalez Officer Safety Act: Protects Border Patrol agents and law enforcement officers by imposing criminal penalties on individuals who evade them and enhancing penalties for serious offenses.
H.R. 6678 – Consequences for Social Security Fraud Act: Prevents illegal immigrants who commit social security fraud from remaining in the country and makes them eligible for deportation.
H.R. 6679 – No Immigration Benefits for Hamas Terrorists Act: Ensures that individuals associated with terrorist organizations like Hamas are ineligible for immigration benefits.
H.R. 6976 – Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act: Makes driving under the influence by aliens a deportable offense, contributing to safer communities.
H.Res. 863: A resolution to hold Secretary Mayorkas accountable for his role in implementing mass catch-and-release policies.
H.Res. 1065 and H. Res. 957: Both resolutions denounce the Biden administration’s open-border policies and suggest measures to address the crisis.
H.Res. 461: Condemns the use of school facilities to house illegal immigrants.
Please know that I am committed to securing our border, ensuring the rule of law is enforced, and protecting American citizens. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to immediately take up these pieces of legislation.