Dems’ “Bad Bills” in the General Assembly Face Defeat

Thanks to Del. Geary Higgins for calling out these bills put forth by Democrat law makers in this session.

The Democrat Majority passed a myriad of bills on party-line votes that would: make it harder to do business in Virginia, raise our taxes, dramatically increase our cost of living, further embolden criminals, endanger victims, and legalize recreational drug use. Here are just a few:

  • HB 1 – Drastically raises the minimum wage, which will only further increase inflation, cost jobs and decrease purchasing power
  • HB 2 – Bans all legal ownership of so-called “assault weapons”, something that no one has successfully defined and can be interpreted to encompass nearly all firearms made since 1898
  • HB 77 – Lessens penalties for robbery
  • HB 110 – Repeals the prohibition on surrogacy brokers
  • HB 183 – Further criminalizes law-abiding gun owners regarding gun storage
  • HB 455 – Allows the reduction of possession of almost any drug under a gram to a misdemeanor (House Democrats tried to include fentanyl but thankfully the Senate pulled it out)
  • HB 776 – Allows for non-citizens to be police officers
  • HB 1174 – Increases the purchase age requirement for nearly all firearms to 21, effectively removing Second Amendment rights of all 18-20-year-olds.
  • HJ 1 – Constitutional Amendment on Abortion, eliminating any ground for compromise that protects life and respects women (Governor Cannot Veto)