ICYMI: Democratic Witness Calls for End to Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Child Rape

During a hearing conducted via video conference, witnesses called by House Democrats called for the end of all mandatory minimum sentences, including ‘defelonizing’ assaults on law enforcement officers among other criminal-friendly measures. General Assembly representatives from Prince William favor many of these measures.

Two instances stood out, though. A spokeswoman for the Sentencing Project called for the end of mandatory minimum sentences for rape of a child under 12, foricble sodomy of a child under 12, repeat offenses of production of child pornography, assaulting a teacher with a weapon, the murder of a law enforcement officer, and more. House Democrats offered no push back or criticism.

Her reasoning? Those crimes are already illegal, and in the case of rape, the perpetrator is “often a victim” themselves.

Find video of the two exchanges below.