Statement of House GOP Leader Todd Gilbert on House Budget Votes

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“After nearly a year of Democratic rule in the House, I didn’t think I could be shocked anymore. Today, I was proven wrong. House Democrats took a series of votes that make it absolutely clear that they’re on the side of criminals, not victims and law enforcement. Republicans offered a series of simple, common sense amendments designed to encourage the further professionalization of local law enforcement, encourage police reform, and hold bad actors accountable. Democrats killed each effort.

“We also put forward legislation to make life easier for parents with children in virtual classrooms, and bring closure to the families of murder victims. Instead, Democrats chose to vote these measures down without debate.

“Let’s be clear on what happened today. Virginia Democrats chose to take millions of dollars away from local law enforcement. They voted to let our kids get answers about sex from anonymous strangers via government approved program. They prevented parents from accessing $100 million in unspent Federal CARES Act money to help their children adapt to virtual learning.
“Republicans have and will always fight to keep our communities safe and Virginia’s educational system second to none. It’s disappointing but not surprising that Democrats have chosen a different path.”