PWC BOCS to Vote on Property Tax Increase

Thanks to Supv. Yesli Vega for this important update!

On Tuesday evening, the Board of Supervisors will set the advertised tax rates for the 2022 Fiscal Year. Among them will be the residential tax rate.

Currently on the table is a proposal by the County Executive that would not increase the tax rate, but because of increases in home value assessments set by the County, would result in an average residential tax increase of $306 over last year’s bill, and $328 with the residential Fire Levy.

This real dollar increase, while we’re still in the midst of COVID-19, would be the largest one year tax increase levied upon our homeowners in Prince William County’s history and increase the yearly residential tax bill to over $5,000 on the average family. This would represent a near 50% jump in the average residential tax bill in just the last ten years.

Contact your Supervisors to let them know how you feel about their proposal! Email: