LIFE IN BLUE VIRGINIA: A series of new laws will facilitate voter fraud

To understand how the Democrats pull the wool over our eyes, one must follow the bouncing ball – the patchwork of laws pertaining to voting.

HB201 (Del. Ayala) passed the House and Senate. HB201 Provides an exception to the closing of registration records for any person who (i) is qualified to register to vote, (ii) is unregistered or registered in a locality in which the person no longer resides but is otherwise entitled to vote by absentee ballot, (iii) desires to vote absentee in person at the time that they present themselves to be registered, and (iv) provides proof of residency (e.g. driver’s license). The bill also permits same-day registrants to vote absentee and provides an excuse for election day absentee voting for such voters. The bill requires all voters who register to vote under the provisions of this bill to fill out an absentee application, including the required oath, in order to vote.

SB34 (Sen. Surovell) “Authorizes the issuance of new driver privilege cards by the Department of Motor Vehicles to an applicant who (i) has reported income from Virginia sources on an individual tax return filed with the Commonwealth in the preceding 12 months; (ii) is not in violation of the insurance requirements for the registration of an uninsured motor vehicle; and (iii) provides an unexpired passport as proof of identity. The bill provides that driver privilege cards shall confer the same privileges and shall be subject to the same provisions as driver’s licenses and permits...” The bill also states that driver privilege cards cannot be used to “confer voting privileges.” What does that mean and who will enforce it?

HB19 is now in conference and “Removes the requirement that voters show a form of identification containing a photograph in order to be allowed to vote. The bill requires a voter to show either his voter registration confirmation documents; his valid Virginia driver’s license, his valid United States passport, or any other identification issued by the Commonwealth…”

When combined, these bills (soon to become law) make it easier to commit voter fraud. People who have come to Virginia illegally will be able to get a driver’s license – one of the documents you can show when you go to vote; also a proof of residency if doing same day voter registration. Even though the driver privilege cards are not supposed to be used for voting, who will enforce this? The election officers on election day when they are already under a lot of pressure? No way. This patchwork of laws makes it easier for people to slip through the cracks and vote illegally if they want to. Even if it is enforced by the voting officers and referred to the Democrat Commonwealth’s Attorney the votes will have already been cast, and even if they bother to press charges the penalties for fraudulent behavior are a mere slap on the wrist.