Bills Advance Concerning Abortion, Labor, Taxes, Voter ID, and Immigration

Democrats have been using their new 55-45 majority to pass or review hundreds of bills. These include:

Labor:  HB 582, which would repeal the ban on collective bargaining for public employees, passed the House committee, 12-9. Other proposals would eliminate Virginia’s Right to Work Law through direct repeal or by requiring non-union workers to pay union dues.

Immigration: On a party-line vote, HB 1150 passed subcommittee.  It would eliminate the requirement that jail officials determine the citizenship status of inmates.

Taxes: Governor Northam’s gas tax plan passed committee on a vote of 13-9, and a tobacco tax and other fees are moving forward.

Firearms: The House Democrats passed 7 bills endorsed by Governor Northam, including HB 421which would allow any county, city, or town to pass its own criminal ordinance covering possession of firearms. This passed 50-48, with all Republicans voting no.

Ballot Security: HB 19 is under consideration and would eliminate the photo-ID requirement for voting.

Abortion: The House passed HB 980, which will eliminate most legal restrictions on abortions in Virginia, including those that require a waiting period.

Parole: HB 33 passed the House, and would grant eligibility for parole to an estimated 280 violent offenders in Virginia. While House Democrats removed those convicted of sex crimes against children from this group, they rejected my proposed amendments to remove inmates convicted of sex crimes against adults or premeditated murder.