VA House Dems Falsely Accuse Republicans of Racism

Statement of House GOP Leader on Accusations Made by Del. Bourne


“I hope everyone on this committee has listened to the type of language that has been used, the types of language that has been used to talk about why we should oppose this bill is exactly the types of systemic and institutionalized racism we are trying to dismantle.” — Democratic Del. Jeffrey Bourne
“Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience above all liberties.” — John Milton

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“Charges of racism in debate against any member of the Republican Caucus are something I take seriously. Upon hearing them, I immediately reviewed the tape of the meeting. What I heard was a legislative policy discussion, with two sides debating the impact of legislation. No motives were questioned, no ad hominem attacks were leveled.

“Republicans came into 2020 with no illusions as to what was in store. We knew Democrats would push through their radical agenda with speed and a disregard for  the rules. That is the prerogative of the majority.

“But Del. Bourne’s comments turn a dangerous corner. A charge of racism is a serious thing. It shuts down discussion, and instantly stigmatizes the target. It is the end of debate. I invite members and the public to watch the recording of the meeting to judge for themselves.

“Raising concerns about policy is not systemic racism. It is how the legislative process works. If we can no longer have honest and open debate on contentious subjects without resorting to such reckless and inflammatory charges, then this House, and the 400 year experiment in self government it represents, has failed.”