House Republicans Pass Legislation Defending Innocent Life

RICHMOND — Virginians elected a pro-life House Republican caucus, and just like the vast majority of Virginians, House Republicans want to see fewer abortions, not more. It is unfortunate that Senate Democrats were unwilling to work with us to find consensus on a bill that has majority support of Virginians.

Nonetheless, House Republicans were successful in advancing legislation that will ensure that infants who survive abortion will receive medical care and a chance at life, and that women seeking an abortion do so with complete information about their choice.

House Republicans defeated a measure from Democrats that would have enshrined elective abortion for any reason at any moment, even up until the moment of birth, in Virginia’s Constitution.

“I’m disappointed that Virginia Democrats refused to work with us on a commonsense measure to save lives that has the support of a majority of Virginians,” said House Speaker Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah. “I am, however, proud that the House has voted for common-sense bills that will protect the survivors of abortion and ensure that women have all the information they need when considering an abortion.”

“Life is a precious and beautiful gift, a fact that the vast majority of Virginians recognize and celebrate,” added Del. Kathy Byron, R-Bedford. “It’s disheartening to see Democrats declare their reflexive opposition to any and all pro-life legislation, especially when it has the backing of so many Virginians. Nonetheless, I look forward to working with Governor Youngkin to find consensus on a way forward that protects innocent life.”

“The vast majority of Virginians believe we should provide basic protections for a baby in the womb in the third trimester,” said Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper, patron of House Bill 1795.  “All this bill did was say that a baby who survives an abortion attempt is entitled to basic life saving care, and that was still too much for our Democrat colleagues to vote for.”

Legislation that passed the House includes the following:

  • House Bill 1795 simply requires health care providers to exercise life-saving treatment to a baby that survives an abortion.
  • House Bill 1954 ensures someone who intentionally kills the fetus of another can be charged with voluntary manslaughter, punishable as a Class 5 felony.
  • House Bill 2270 ensures women have the right to receive critical information from a physician when considering an abortion.
  • House Bill 2476 establishes a website that provides relevant information about resources and programs available to pregnant women.