PWC Board Meets on 21 March to Discuss 67% Pay Raise for Supervisors

A message from Supervisor Yesli Vega:

A few facts about this year’s proposed budget:

A. Record $126 Million Dollar Spending Increase

  • $308 Million Over Four Years (not including state/federal disbursements)
  • ZERO New Police Officers (second year in a row)

B. Another Increase to the Residential Tax Bill

  • Over $2,200 increase in four years (average)

C. Real Estate Tax Rate of .977

  • Higher than every surrounding County but Fairfax
  • Fauquier (.759), Loudoun (.870), Stafford (.940), Fairfax (1.110) *Proposed*

D. Data Center Tax Rate of 2.10

  • 1/2 of neighboring Loudoun County (4.20)

E. Maintenance of 4% Meals Tax

F. 70% Pay Increase for Board Chair

  • 67% Pay Increase for *All Other* District Supervisors

Prince William County government belongs to you. I hope you’ll join us and make your thoughts known Tuesday at 7:30pm!