Message from Supervisor Yesli Vega: Tuesday Vote on PWC Taxes and Raise for Board Members

Message from Supervisor Yesli Vega

Please join us on Tuesday evening (4/25) at 7:30pm to make your voice heard for the final time before the 2024 Fiscal Year Budget Adoption.

Last week, the Board majority voted against my proposal, 5-3, to reduce the real estate tax rate to .947, which would have provided the average family tax relief of over $100 from current bills.

Should the current proposal pass, Prince William County homeowners will have paid out almost $2,200 more in taxes since 2020 versus if we had just kept your tax bills flat, due to the exorbitant increases over the last three years. Residential stormwater and solid waste fees are also set to increase.

Prince William County Government has been the beneficiary of record tax revenue each of the last four years, including a $150 million dollar increase in general revenue since last year, alone.

If some members of the Board are going to vote to give themselves a 67-70% pay increase, the least we should be able to provide you and your family is $105 in tax relief.

At a rate of .947, we could nearly fund the CXO’s entire budget proposal, a 15% pay bump to reward, retain, and recruit public safety employees, and provide added funding to the animal shelter.

I would have liked to have seen more fiscal prudence in other areas for an even larger amount of tax relief (or for that funding to have gone towards hiring more officers given our 70% spike in violent crime and 300+ officer deficit) but despite our best efforts, this is not the case.

Please join us in-person Tuesday evening at 7:30pm to make your voice heard one final time on how much of your tax dollars are taken and spent. If you cannot attend in-person you can sign up to speak remotely herewatch us live here, or e-mail your thoughts to the Board at

For Coles,
Yesli Vega
(703) 792-4620