Republican Legislative Priorities in the 2024 General Assembly

Below is a list of GOP legislative priorities in this year’s legislative session:

Data Centers:

HB 1010 – Limits data center siting around residential neighborhoods- Pending

HB 1011 – Bans local officials from voting on development projects from which they have received campaign contributions -Pending

HB 337 – Siting of data centers; impacts on resources and historically significant sites. – Pending

HB 338 – Siting of data centers; locality to perform site assessment before approval – Pending

HB 340 – Electric utilities; underground transmission lines (tabled)

HB 714 Electric utilities; pilot program for underground transmission lines; additional project. (Passed the house and sent to senate)

Good Government/Transparency:

HB 1004 – Would require a local budget summery be sent with your real estate tax assessment (tabled)

HB 1008 – Would require college students to sign of on a statement outlining their education cost and likely earning potential of their degree

HB 1009 – Standardizes how high school students enrolled in college classes receive credit towards graduation

HB 1379 – Housekeeping bill that makes reporting from the DEQ more efficient



HB 1007 – Standardizes fentanyl awareness education in grades 9 – 12 (passed sub-committee)

Other patroned legislation of note:

HB 1012 – Reduces state park admission fees for veterans and first responders

HB 138 – Formalize the state sales tax holiday

HB 667 Virginia Education Success Account Program; established, report.

HB 422 Personal property tax; removes sunset date.

HB 907 Voting equipment and systems; printed receipt for cast ballot

HB 1234 Eligible educator income tax deduction; home school instruction income tax credit.

HB 1517 Adoption tax credit

HB 680 Human Resource Management, Department of; recruitment policy, direct work experience.

HB 933 Alzheimer’s disease and dementia; training for dispatchers, firefighters, etc.

HB 550 Improves the adoption process

HB 1525 AI-generated image; unauthorized creation of image of another, penalties.

HB 907 Voting equipment and systems; State Board approval process, printed receipt for cast ballot.

Source:  Delegate Ian Lovejoy